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Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Programs

We have an active Sunday School program here at Pine Ridge.  The Sunday School hour is set aside as a special time for small group fellowship, prayer, and serious Bible study.  The friendships forged here form the basis of a caring loving support structure for our members and friends in times of need.  Our Sunday School also serves as an outreach to our community.

Sunday School Departments

The Sunday School program is organized into three main departments to serve the needs of its members - children, youth and adults. We are blessed with a number of fine individuals who truly have a gift for teaching God's Word and who have a heart for their students. The following links will take you pages for each of the departments and allow you to meet some of our teachers and students.  But to get the real story as to what we are all about, you'll need to come by and and pay us a visit.  We'd love to have you join us!


Our  children are the future of the church at large, and we take the ministry to our children very seriously.  But while we take our ministry seriously, we try to make our Sunday School a fun place for children of all ages.  Using simple Bible studies, music, games and crafts, our teachers try to provide a little something for everybody.

Childrens I
Childrens II


The youth Sunday School program is designed for the special needs of  our young people as they make the transition from children to adults.  It is not always an easy time, and the challenges of being a teen today are greater than ever.  That's why we believe it is so important to minister to the special needs of our youth, and to help them continue in their walk with the Lord.



We have five adult classes at Pine Ridge.  In theory, they reflect different age groups, but in actual practice, these classes are more likely to center around common interests rather than age. 

Adult I
Adult II
Adult III
Adult IV
Adult V

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