Pine Ridge Baptist Church Pastor's Study

What is the Pastor's Study?  

The Pastor's Study is a series of links to some of our favorite software, online Bibles, and Bible study resources on the Web.  It also features secular resources that Christians may find useful.   Exernal links will open in a new window.

(DISCLAIMER: The recommendations shown below are solely those of the webmaster, and not those of the staff or membership of Pine Ridge Baptist Church.  However, neither the webmaster nor the church  has any personal interest, financial or otherwise, in any of these sites or downloads.  They are offered solely for the edification of the reader.)

Our Favorite Resources

Here are just a few of our favorite resources!   If you have personal favorites. we'd like to share those as well.


The Bible Gateway

This link will take you to a site where you can look up any passage in the Bible in a number of different versions.  If you are having difficulty understanding what a verse means in one version, you can see how it is translated in other versions as well.

The Online Bible

Using the Bible Gateway is nice, but if you don't already have a good Bible program for you computer, the Online Bible is a great free program!  It has many free Bible versions such as the King James version and the Bible in Basic English.  And if you want one of the modern copyrighted versions such as the New International or New King James versions, you can add those for a modest fee.  The site also has lots of dictionaries, commentaries, and other study material as add-ons to the Online Bible that are available for free as well. And if you want one of the modern copyrighted versions such as the New International or New King James versions, you can add those for a modest fee.


This is another great free Bible study program that has been around for some time and is continually being improved.  It seems to be under more active development right now that The Online Bible (see above), and it has many of the same resources available for the program.  There are many public domain and user generated modules available, and a large number of current copyrighted references available for a small fee.

The Pine Ridge Daily Bible Reading Guide

With all those Bibles to choose from, what better way to use them than by reading though the Bible in a year?  You'll go from Genesis to Revelation in just 365 days!  

Online Bible Studies

Any time you recommend Bible studies, particularly outside of your own denomination, there is always a chance that you will suggest some teaching that is not completely in accord with denominational teaching.  However, the same may be said for those studies presented by those within the denomination as well.  Every teacher's words should always be held up to what the Bible itself says, but the two teachers below are among the best, at least in the opinion of the webmaster.  Choose either one, and you will get a sound first class survey of the Scriptures!

Through the Bible With Dr. J. Vernon McGee

For many years, one of the most respected radio Bible teachers was Dr. J. Vernon McGee.  He led listeners through a five year study of the Bible for many years, and his teaching lives on in the daily broadcast of his recorded teachings.  You can listen to the last few weeks of his broadcast online, or if you have a broadband connection, you can download the entire series in MP3 files at no charge. You can also download his notes and outlines in PDF format as well.  Put that MP3 player to work!

The Word For Today with Pastor Chuck Smith

Another solid Bible teacher is Pastor Chuck Smith, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA.  He was pastor and evangelist to many kids in the "Jesus Movement" of the 60s and 70s, and for many years has taught the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation.  His latest study through the Bible is also available online as MP3 files.  (NOTE:  The downloads page works well in Internet Explorer, but not as well in Firefox.)

Calvary Chapel Bible Studies for Young People

This link takes you to over three hundred Bible Studies suitable for pre-teens.  These have been used for several years now as the curriculum for the Wednesday night Kid's Ministry program.  You'll need a PDF reader to read or print these studies.  If you don't already have one, the free Foxit reader (below) is excellent.

Christian Movies - Free Online Viewing!

If you want to give that braodband connection a workout, here are a couple of sites where you can view Christian movies online.  (But please note the "DISCLAIMER" above.)

You can view the excellent Campus Crusade for Christ "Jesus" film here.  It is available in English, Spanish, and dozens of other languages.

TBN has made a number of Christian movies available for online viewing here.

Other Study Resources

This site has some of the best Christian writings of all times.  From the early Church Fathers to some of the greatest minds today, you're bound to find something here to challenge you in your walk of faith!

Useful Baptist Links

Here are a number of useful links related to local, state and national baptist activities, as well as those related to the Awana ministry.

Baptist Faith and Message (2000 Edition)

Baptist Faith and Message (1963 & 1998 Editions)

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

Biblical Recorder Online

Tar River Batist Association

Woman's Missionary Union

North Carolina Baptist Men

Useful Software

Why a "useful software" category?  Well, to more effectively use many of the study resources you will find on the web, you'll need the right software.  Here is some of the best picks of the webmaster, and they are free! is package similar to Microsoft Office that is completely open source and completely free.    It has a word processor, drawing program, spreadsheet program, database program and presenter program.  It even includes a simple drawing program.  All of these programs will open and edit their Office equivalents, so you can open and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and much more!  They will also open and edit many other formats as well.  And as a bonus, will converts files to PDF files. The webmaster has been using this file alongside of Word for several years now, and highly recommends it if you don't want (or cannot afford) to invest in Office.


LibreOffice is a spinoff of OpenOffice and is very similar to OpenOffice in appearance and use.  It seems to be in more active user development and may be gaining in popularity over OpenOffice.  It is likewise free and open source.

FireFox Browser

Virus creators love to find weaknesses in Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer.  Because of this, Internet Explorer is a favorite target for hackers to plant viruses, worms and spyware.  FireFox is a free and open-source browser that is much less likely to be successfully attacked by hackers.  It looks and feels like Internet Explorer, but it does not depend on the Windows system to work.  In addition to being more resistant to attacks, it has some special features of its own.  The webmaster has the latest version of Internet Explorer, and it is regularly updated, but he uses FireFox almost exclusively.

Foxit PDF Reader

You can get the Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading PDF files.  It works very well, and it is a free download from Adobe.  However, if you are running an old computer, it can take a long time to load and hogs a lot of your computer's memory.  The basic Foxit Reader is a free download that is much smaller that the Acrobat Reader and loads a whole lot faster.  If you want to read PDF files quickly and easily, this is a great alternative to the Adobe Reader.  Unlike the open source software listed here, the Foxit software does have upgrades that you can buy, but if all you need is a reader, this is the best for speed, and it is free!